Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Balance is a combination of a physical and mental things along with the timing and feel working together to create a balance. Working with horses on the ground or on there back is a very physical sport or activity. It requires quit a bite physical balance and athleticism and equal levels of mental balance. With timing & feel working together the horse and human are in balance and have a balance between the horse and human. It's important to keep the horse interested in you and whats going on, if the horse isn't interested in what we are doing they will end up doing something or not doing something to get us to operate from where they are instead of the horse operating from where the human is. But on the flip side, we get to requiring more from the horse than they have the coordination or understanding to give us at the particular time, that would give the human and the horse an imbalance. And again that would go under the timing part we have mentioned. There is a mental and emotional balance required by the human to help the horse be in balance and to stay in balance with what we are asking of the horse. As a horse is learning how to fit the human it is a great deal of help if we have the physical balance to support and fit the horse so he doesn't have to work at what the human is asking any harder then what is necessary. These things that I've been talking about may seem and sound pretty basic, but you would be surprised at the number of horses and people that I work with that any one or more or all three of these things are the creator of a miss communication between the horse and human, and more over they a lot of the factors behind the things that I was missing 20 yrs. ago, and as you and I get these things cleared up it will create a greater balance between the horse and human. Feel free to give me your thoughts.

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