Monday, February 18, 2013

Willing Communication Equals Safety

           When you have a willing communication, that is understood you have something that is united, between the human and the horse. I heard a major clinician wanting a horse to be obedient. That is as primitive as it gets, as far as I'm concerned. Obedience is what you are looking for when you haven't prepared the horse to the position for a transition. You end up punishing the horse for what it did. I want to replace the thing that I don't want the horse to do, for something the horse and the human can both get some good from. The horse may run into there own pressure as they get off coarse, making the wrong thing a chore, and come off of that pressure, and find balance that is mental, physical, and emotional. Willing communication is a product of a understanding of a horses movements and thoughts and how one influences the other. And understanding are responsibility to the horse in any, and all situations. Feel, Timing, & Balance are components I use to keep me centered, and promote a willing communication, that develops a trust  and confidence that prepares the horse for the unimaginable.

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